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There’s Chelada…And Then There’s Chelada — A-B vs Miller

Posted by Bob Skilnik on March 10, 2007

CheladaAnheuser-Busch’s Clamato and Bud (or Bud Light) will meet some head-on competition in the marketplace this summer when Miller Chill is introduced. Described as a “Chelada-style” superpremium light beer, it will contain lime and salt, actually more in line with this beer-based drink of Mexican origin

You can actually make your own version and all its variations at home, including this recipe for CHELADA POPS

A refreshing beer concoction that is a Mexican favorite, originating in the 1950’s when Tecate introduced beer in a can and promoted the now ritualistic lime wedge and salt on the rim. The tradition evolved along the Mexican Rivera into the “chelada” – a slang variation of “helada” – which means “iced”. This evolved even further into Michelada, or “My iced beer.” The variations created are as numerous as the regions of Mexico, but the foundation is always the same…Mexican Lager served over ice with a slice of lime and a salted rim.

GATO:  fresh squeezed lime, ice and a salted rim

TRADITIONAL: Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and pepper

ROJO: Spicy tomato juice, Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce

Go can also go to Michemix at and make an instant version


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