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Four Points Sheraton Chief Beer Officer Installed

Posted by Bob Skilnik on March 26, 2007

four-points.jpgJay Brooks over at Brookston Beer Bulletin has the full story today on the installation of Four Points by Sheridan’s CBO – Chief Beer Officer.

Of course, I’m jealous as old hell, but I had to leave this comment on Jay’s blog;

“I know this will sound like sour grapes since I was one of the last 15 contestants chosen out of 7,800, but I’m amazed that the last 4 candidates were all from out West (Utah, ColoradoArizona and California — FYI, in Chicago, everywhere west of the Mississippi is considered “out West”). I see know that Scott Kerkmans, the winner and the reigning CBO is from Arizona, not Colorado — make it Utah, Arizona and California.

You can’t tell me that no one from the Midwest or the East Coast could make the final 4?”

Did anybody else out there make the Final 15 who is NOT from out West? 


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