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Dry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York City

Posted by Bob Skilnik on April 22, 2007

dry-manhattan-bookcover.jpgAs you might have surmised, I’m a beer/brewing history nut.

I’ve been reading good things about Dry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York by Michael A. Lerner. The book (Harvard University, $28.95) hits some of the same notes that I played in Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago. National Prohibition was a creature of prejudice– against Irish, Italians, Germans, and East Europeans — for whom drinking, chiefly wine and beer, was as much a custom as a practice. Evidence that the United States Brewers Association (USBA) was pouring large amounts of money into lobbying against prohibition helped fuel the Anti-Saloon position that “provided handy demons, and [as a result] ‘the un-American, pro-German, crime-producing, food-wasting, youth-corrupting, home-wrecking, treasonable liquor traffic’ took on a Teutonic diabolism,” as reviewer Katherine A. Powers of the Boston Globe contends.

I just went to Amazon to pick up a copy and will give a review of the book at a later date, but it looks like a good one.

If you want to help out a starving book writer, stop by and click on any of the ads/links to Amazon to purchase Dry Manhattan and allow me a meager kickback.

P.S. And buy a copy of Beer & Food: An American History too!


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