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FREE ADVERTISING/FREE BOOK!! How You Can Be A Star On Beer (& More) In Food

Posted by Bob Skilnik on June 8, 2007

I’d like to feature videos here of beer related food recipes from household cooks to beer professionals. If you have a video segment of 10 minutes or less, drop me a line and I’ll arrange to put it up on the site; plugs for your products or business can be included.

If you run over 10 minutes, I’ll probably have to do some editing in order to keep viewers interested. You know how some beer drinkers can be! In addition, a few pictures would be nice and a detailed recipe (ingredients, procedure) and a few comments.

If you’re from a brewery or brewpub but don’t have time to make a video, no problem. Send a detailed recipe, two bottles of whatever beer is called for in your recipe, and some promo material that I can include in the posting. I’ll make the video; you take the applause. If you want to send some additional stuff to be included in the posting, please feel free to send me whatever.

At the end of each month, I’ll throw the name of all video participants on file into a hat. The winner will receive a FREE signed copy of Beer & Food: An American History, a $24.95 value. The site is currently getting 5,000 + hits a month. If you’re a brewery or pub, take advantage of picking up some FREE publicity and promoting YOUR business! There are NO strings attached


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