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What About The Children? Nanny State California Demonizes Alcopops

Posted by Bob Skilnik on June 12, 2007

Lord I hate do-gooders. The whole concept of National Prohibition began with one group’s insistence on telling others what they could and could not do…enjoy an alcoholic drink. California politicians, who never cease to amaze me in their need to regulate the lives of their voters, now want to require that malt-based beverages feature warnings and alcohol content on their labels, according to Beverage Daily.

With a casual glance, this might seem like a good idea. I’m the first to advocate more information on the labels of alcoholic beverages, including the alcohol content. But it’s the nonsensical arguments that politicians like to use to justify their nanny-stating regulations that bother me.

Jointly authored by Assembly Members Lori Saldaña and Jim Beall, the proposed bill aims to prevent the “deceptive” promotion of alcoholic beverages to younger consumers. According to Saldaña “many of these products are indistinguishable in color and packaging from sports or energy drinks.” Saldaña also cites a 2005 American Medical Association survey, which reports that a third of girls over 12 have tried alcopops, and 25 percent drove a car after drinking, or rode with a driver who had been. Notice please, that there are 2 claims being made here, but at no time do we see that the 25 percent who drove a car “tried alcopops,” and that’s where this argument can be seen for what it is—a first step in state prohibition in California.

Here’ some of my “favorite” claims in the A.M.A 2005 poll; ”

Nearly one in six teen girls who have drunk alcopops in the past six months have been sexually active after drinking.

I call B.S. I don’t need a poll to tell me that the chances are good that “…one in six girls…have been sexually active,” period, even if they just left the malt shop (well, there are no such things anymore like malt shops, but you get they idea).

Nearly half of all girls aged 16-18 report seeing alcopops ads on TV, compared to only 34 percent of women 21 or older.
Women 21 or older are usually too busy in the workplace or raising a family to sit in front of the TV all day and watch commercials.

Don’t they check I.D.s in California liquor stores? Don’t they stack and cool these products along with beer, wine, and liquor in, I don’t know, THE LIQUOR DEPARTMENT and not with soda? At least that’s what we do here in Illinois. Are people that stupid in California? (That’s rhetorical).


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