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Michael Jackson Dead

Posted by Bob Skilnik on August 30, 2007

mjackson.gifFrom Julie Bradford at All About Beer:

We learned this morning that Michael Jackson died last night at his home in London. We’re feeling stunned, and know his many friends will, too.  We are both devestated and saddened since he was a friend, a mentor and one of our favorite writers.  We talked with his staff and his death appears to have been peaceful.  You may also know of the extent of his illness which he had begun discussing publicly in the past several months.  Ironically, we were just editing his most recent column for All About Beer, which, poignantly, concerned his having “cheated Mort Subite” this year.

     We are preparing a memorial for Michael on our website, to be echoed in the pages of the magazine that is in production.  In a few jackson200.jpghours we will publish his final column, along with his first column from 1984, on our website and open a memorial page where his friends can share their thoughts and stories.  We will capture some some of these memories in print.

     We’re sure we speak for all of you when we say our community has lost a good friend and champion.  He gave beer a language and taught so many of us to speak it.


And this via a whisk(e)y list:

This morning the sad news came across from the U.K. that the whisky world has
lost a man of unqualified greatness; the wonderful Michael Jackson.

So many people have followed their own whisky trails with the guidance of
Michael’s amazing Single Malt Guides over the years. His numerous articles in
Whisky Magazine and other publications have been everything from amusing to
educational and have given so many of us the true insider’s view we so

Michael was one of the gentlest and most generous souls imaginable and anyone
who has met him was touched by his kindness and patience. It is hard to imagine
how many times in his life he had to answer the same questions over and over
when approached by awed ‘fans’. Yet he always did so without missing a beat or
showing anything but the utmost interest in both his questioner and the topics

Please take a moment today and raise a glass to Michael. I thank him deeply for
all that he has given to so many. His knowledge and skill was unmatched and he
will be missed and loved for a very long time. This tireless man now rests and
we all benefit from his labours of love over the years.
I think a very, very well written tribute to Jackson comes from the pen of Lew Bryson…


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