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Saving A Historic Chicago Brewery Meeting Gets Pushed Back To November 1

Posted by Bob Skilnik on October 26, 2007


beer-history-cover.jpgWell, now our meeting with Alderman Manny Flores has been pushed back until November 1, the date that puts me out of town.

There might be follow-up testimony at a later date, and who knows; maybe the only guy to chronicle the history of Chicago’s brewing industry might be invited.   

In the meantime, I once again ask anyone out there who has some interesting historical or architectural info, pictures, plats of survey, etc. of the former brewery, to please contact me ASAP with whatever you have that might help save the Brand Brewery and possibly the Michael Brand Brewery (aka, the United States Brewing Company) across the street on Elston Avenue.    

With the lack of participation I’ve gotten thus far requesting readers to please send in beer/food recipes or short videos that I could post, which is slowly proving to me that I’m spinning my wheels posting to this blog, I’m betting that I’ll hear nothing from readers that might add to the efforts to save this piece of Chicago history.  

Might be time to shut down this site and move on to a more constructive venture.               MORE BREWERY INFO HERE                              




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