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Chicago’s Mayor Daley Wants Tax Increase On Booze, Beer

Posted by Bob Skilnik on October 30, 2007

mrdaleyscreaming.jpgFirst this moron wants to tax bottled water. Next he wants to raise property taxes. He’s been responsible for scores of mid and small-sized companies leaving Chicago because of the “tax-of-the-year-club” legislation he rams through with the help of his lackeys on the city council. He and his city council have banned foie gras in restaurants and cigarettes in bars. In order to cut down on the cock fights held in his beloved “sanctuary city,” he’s banned chickens as pets. He’s gentrified the city to the point that by the time that the Olympic Games possibly take place in Chicago in 2016, the city will be like Mid-Town Manhattan—a place to work, but unaffordable for most people to live in.

Cook County Board President Todd “Urkel” Stroger also wants to raise property taxes and country sales taxes and taxes on taxes on taxes. He’s actually a bigger idiot than Daley, but Daley is screwing around with beer and booze; Daley has crossed the line. Mayor Daley’s tax proposal, which was (quietly) “announced” October 10, calls for an 87.5 percent hike on all liquor sold in the city. The increase would raise the cost of beer 30 cents per gallon, or approximately eight cents per six-pack. Overall, the increase would cost Chicagoans $13.1 million. 

If you live in Chicago (my condolences), you can contact your puppet alderman or alderwoman here  through this link provided by the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, and tell the alderidiots that they and the good mayor can pound spent mash with this stupid, stupid idea.

The funny thing is, however, while Chicagoans pay the highest gas prices in the country, watch their property taxes spiral ever upward, have their kids killed on school board property, grumble and do nothing about him seizing Meigs Field by digging holes in the runway in the middle of the night so planes couldn’t land, quickly forget the millions of dollars of cost overruns in building his legacy to his wife, Millenium Park, as they walk through it and “Oh-and-Ah,” about it with a straight face, tell every Chicago tax payer that if the Olympics come to Chicago, they won’t get stuck with the bill, and now this, an increase on the tax on beer—the part that amazes me the most is that too many morons, beer and booze-drinking morons, will vote him and all his hand puppets right back into office.

I moved out of the city and the county 12 years ago. Best thing I ever did.


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