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If I Said “FREE,” Would You Listen? Drinkz-N-Eatz-TV Is Coming!!

Posted by Bob Skilnik on February 9, 2008

I’m slowly but surely working on a media-rich website/blog that will be a one-stop and entertaining site of video food recipes makingdeals.gifusing beer, wine and spirits. It will be short on my opinions and beer industry news (like and long on taped recipes of me trying my hand at whipping up “spirited” foods. More importantly, I’m hoping to find brewers, pub owners, distillers, vintners, importers, distributors, blog owners and book authors who are willing to contribute short recipe videos using their products. There’s no fee, no sales pitch…nothing required except the submission of a filmed recipe contribution along with the recipe itself that I can post to my soon-to-be-unveiled site.

In other words, Drinkz-N-Eatz-TV will be a very interactive and media-rich way of entertaining and informing anybody at home who wants to cook along and add some “zip” to any food recipe. I’ll also be working on audio podcasts of interviews with business types as listed above.

With some well-placed news releases and as much promotion as people are willing bear, the site can be a growing and FREE avenue for the promotion of a restaurant or pub, a beer, wine or distilled product, a book…you get the idea. I want the site to be THE place to go if you want to follow along while making a beer bread, a wine glaze, or a rum cake or simply hear what an author has to say about their newest cookbook.

At the same time, I’d like business folks to know that this will be THE site where you can promote your product and know that people will actually be learning about your product in an entertaining manner.

I’ll be throwing time and money at this project; all you need for you to do is send me your promos, POP materials, raw (or completely edited and ready-to-roll) videos and a heaping spoonful of cooperation.

I’m willing to do some out-of-state traveling, when possible, to personally video events, but I’m also asking for folks like yourselves (the person at home who just likes to cook) to please, please consider send me a video (raw and unedited is fine since I’ll be tightening all the videos into 10-minute or less productions using Final Cut Studio 2)-or at least get the word out to your beer, booze wine acquaintances that I’m offering a FREE means of publicity in return for a raw video of a beer, wine, or booze event with a focus on food.

I want this project to be a place where anyone can promote a place or project while keeping it informative and entertaining. I’ll take the roughest video and try my best to edit in a way that everyone will look like a Spielberg and set up links if viewers want further info. I’m looking at this as a clearinghouse of information, even if it takes a bit of product self-promotion to make it happen.

I’ll also be doing phone interviews for audio podcast, once again, giving authors, bloggers, brewers, vintners, distillers, etc, the opportunity to talk about their products in a manner that’s more than a glorified infomercial. The key here is to make the site rich with informative and entertaining media.

I have TIVO, and while I usually fast-forward the commercials from the programs I record, I also welcome the opportunity that TIVO offers to let me actually go to their special channels and view commercials I actually want to see, and then press a button if I want the advertiser to send me even more info. This won’t be TIVO but it could be a nice avenue for viewers who want to know more about books, products, places and such, all wrapped around the enjoyment of food and drink.

I’ve dabbled with this approach on using a PC and some clunky video editing software and a way-too-slow processor, but I’m kicking it up a notch with a new MacPro and the best video editing software available. The result, I hope, will be a professional appearing website that will put everybody and everything, including products, establishments, or businesses, in the best possible light.

Expect me to be pestering others in the next few weeks, so please, think about what I’m offering. Let others know what I’m doing too and that I’m looking for contributions that will benefit everyone while being an informative and entertaining website/blog.

Thanks for your time,

Bob Skilnik


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