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After Throwing Your Grandmother Under The Bus, Barack Beer Fits The Bill

Posted by Bob Skilnik on March 20, 2008

looterguyobama.jpgObamamania has intoxicated many of America’s liberal primary and caucus goers, but in Kenya it has been elevated to a higher level – 6% alcohol content to be exact – in what is now the hottest selling item in the country. Senator Beer.

Barack Obama has consistently drawn big crowds at his rallies and this growing popularity, embraced mostly by the younger voters who provide much of the excitement and the hoopla about Obama, has been called “Obamamania”. The mania’s counterpart in Kenya is in a brown bottle that is served in jugs. Obama’a father was from Kenya, which is why the citizens of the country identify with the Illinois Senator and have made him their role model. The brewery was smart enough, however, to avoid using the name “Barack,” so as not to encourage lawsuits.

In depressed areas of Kenya, people drink cheap brews which are sometimes spiked with traditional spirits, that have on some occasions proved lethal. An enterprising brewer (East African Breweries Ltd) took note of the fame generated by Obama and introduced a cheap brew that was safe and lower in alcohol content. Kenyan beer normally have as much as 40% alcohol. The brewery’s low alcohol lager effort is “Senator Keg” beer that patrons simply refer to as “Obama”. The depressed economy has made beer drinkers switch to cheaper beer, and what better way to pass the time talking about politics and life itself, than a glass of Obama.

Raising a glass of Obama apparently raises their hopes too.nor be accused of disrespect tosenatorbeer.jpg the Senator. Fears of encouraging alcoholism because of its low price is being disputed by its low alcohol, which brewers contend is supportive of responsible consumption. Kenyans can therefore get tipsy on Obama, and can still grow up as responsible citizens – much like their idol’s experiments with substances. Whatever Obama says in speeches, you can expect Kenyans hearing it on radio or watching on TV to say, “I’ll drink to that.” I’d prefer something like “Six of these, are you’ll go home riding dirty!” but then again, I’m no copywriter.

The county could also start exporting the product while he remains hot in the American media, and may well be its number one US export! (Calling Tony Resko). They can then create a high end brand called “President Dark Beer” in time for the Inauguration. But the possibility of a whole generation of Kenyans and even Americans getting a little high on Senator Beer or President Dark Beer has tremendous commercial potential, especially if the beer came with mugs with handles the size of the candidates ears.

However, should he fail to win the Presidency, or even the Democratic Party’s nomination, he could always encourage his father’s countrymen to create another product. He can call it “Barack’s Brewed Beer”, like its namesake, it’s all foam – no beer.


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