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Neo-Prohibitionism In Philadelphia

Posted by Bob Skilnik on June 26, 2008

I love how the mind of a neo-prohibitionist works…it doesn’t, as this story details.

“In a city famous for murals, some recent paintings on the sides of businesses and abandoned buildings seem to blend with Philadelphia’s urban landscape. ”

Philly’s famous for murals? Give me a break.

“But a closer inspection shows them to be advertisements for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Colt 45 malt liquor, which are brands sold by Pabst Brewing Company. They appear to be part of a national marketing campaign by the Illinois-based company.”

Now you know how the rest of this story’s going to go.

” But urban community leaders have criticized ads for malt liquor, which are often located in minority neighborhoods. Malt liquor has a higher alcohol content and can be bought for cheap in 40-ounce bottles.”

For you white suburbanites with your bottles of 80 proof Grey Goose hidden in the pantry, this reporter felt the need to explain the devilish aspects of malt liquor. At least he didn’t call them O-Zs, and didn’t talk about their smaller brothers—shorty 40s—or mention that true connoisseurs drink this LEGAL adult beverage from a paper bag. If you’re worried about urban garbage, you can always bring your reusable malt liquor bag from the crib. I think Whole Foods now sells them for drinking chic on Philly street corners. Even in the streets of Philly, drinking malt liquor in plastic bags is considered gauche, so please, NO PLASTIC!

“‘This is the kind of thing you wouldn’t put in a wealthy neighborhood,’ Mary Tracy, executive director of SCRUB, which stands for Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight said.”

“She said her group’s complaint was focused on the legal issue, not the message. But ‘when you have alcohol, it kind of stings a little harder than other products,’ she said.”

OK, I’m confused. Is Mary against mingling commercial advertising with urban “high art,” or alcohol? H-m-m-m. 

“She also called it an ‘outrage’ for the brewing company to mimic the city’s murals for its marketing of Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to dilute the otherwise high art of “urban artists” who typically tag buildings with scenes of workers with raised and clenched fists, gang territorial logos, or pimps dressed in tons of bling. Speaking of “outrage” Mary, what’s the murder count up to in Philly? Has a single beer ad contributed to even one of them? 

You can read the rest of this nonsense here. Me? I’ve got a taste for “Colt 45.” I usually go for “The Bull,” but there was more than enough in this story.


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