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Hussa Brewery Slated For Demolition In Bangor, WI

Posted by Bob Skilnik on July 24, 2008

Here Today; Gone Tomorrow...The Hussa BreweryIt all began in 1860 when Joseph Hussa and his family moved to Bangor from Watertown. A Czechoslovakian brewmaster trained in Prague, Hussa had emigrated to Wisconsin in 1849. And in 2008, the former Hussa Brewery, old and battered, will meet its end.

I just hate when these breweries go down like this, with no one to somehow, someway, salvage them for future use.

And in Wisconsin, of all places.


One Response to “Hussa Brewery Slated For Demolition In Bangor, WI”

  1. ironwood88 said

    I took part in the demolition of the old Hussa brewery in Bangor, Wisconsin and know first hand that the place would not have been suitable for any type of renovation. I would have liked to see it restored though as well. I believe that erasing things from history is horrible but also sometimes necessary.

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