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DNC Beer Card Line-Up. Drink beer? Yes we can!

Posted by Bob Skilnik on July 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton Trying To Get Some TV Exposure At The DNC Convention

Hillary Clinton Trying To Get Some TV Exposure At The DNC Convention

Sleeping in the parks after hours, protesting anything and everything, stockpiling human waste for tossing at cops, and trying to keep Hillary Clinton as far away from the DNC Convention Center podium as possible can work up a real thirst for Democrats coming to Denver, but area brewers will be ready to quench the thirst of delegates, Super Delegates and any former presidents trolling for young interns at the Hilton bar.

Charlie Papazian, in his role as The Beer Examiner, takes at look at what local brewers will have on tap, contrary to reports to the contrary that the Messiahobama will simply bless 5,000 barrels of Denver drinking water and turn it into suds.

Speaking of Obama, at the Wynkoop, once the domain of Denver’s dazed and confused Mayor John Wright Hickenlooper, there will be the tapping of “…Obamanator” Maibock lager. “Strong in spirit with much depth,” says head brewer Andy Brown. German tradition has it that any beer named with an ‘-ator’ suffix indicates bock extra strength beer. “I haven’t had the opportunity to taste this brew,” notes Papazian, “but I’m sure it will have plenty of fortitude and visions of ‘Yes we can’ – a brew that will certainly inspire. Michelle Obama has been reported to say that “For the first time in my life, I’ve found a beer I can be proud of,” after hoisting a stein of this stuff.

Speaking of “…nators,” Governator Arnold turns 61 today, July 30, as I write this. The “Terminator” might need a beer or two after a series of earthquakes rocked his world yesterday. There’s no truth to the rumor that as his limo was speeding towards the Nevada border, he could be heard shouting “I’ll be back!” as aftershocks continued for hours in California.

Of course if a high-power bock doesn’t do the trick, delegates can hit the bong to bring out the buzz. In 2006, Denver became the first major city in the U.S. to make the private use of less than an ounce of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older. Now I know why it’s called “The Mile High City.”

More beers to expect in Denver on August 25th can be found here.

Wanna know how many calories, carbohydrates, abv and Weight Watchers Points are in your favorite beers?


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