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What I Am I; Chopped Liver?

Posted by Bob Skilnik on September 24, 2008

I just read an article over at the CYuppie Scumhicago Reader Blog  about “…the first of a series of beer dinners produced by craft beer distributor Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. to celebrate the creation of the Glunz Beer Culinary Council, a panel of beer and food experts dedicated to pairing beer with fine foods as well as using beer as a culinary ingredient.” The article goes on to mention a bunch of people I’ve never heard (“Beer Experts”) who are involved in this “Culinary Council” and I have to ask;

Who the fuck do you have to kill (rhetorical folks, so don’t get all bent out of shape)

to get some recognition for writing about beer in Chicago, making appearances on WTTW, contributing to Channel 11’s recent book and paired TV program about ethnic food in Chicago, organizing focus groups for Pabst beer distributors in the Chicagoland area, making more appearances in the last 10 years than anyone else I can think of, talking about beer and food at the Culinary Historians of Chicago, working with the Smithsonian and their traveling exhibit, “Key Ingredients,” speaking at the Newberry Library, the Chicago Historical Society, more Chicagoland historical societies and libraries than I can count on ten hands, appearing on ABC’s “The View” and putting up with that blowhard Joy Behar, stopping by ESPN2 and making multiple appearances on the Fox New Channel and then babbling on and on about beer on radio stations throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe, chewing the fat locally with Milt Rosenberg on WGN-Radio, being interviewed by Forbes and CNN, heading off this weekend to film and interview folks like Goose Island’s Greg Hall who’s involved in the Chicago Gourmet celebration, writing for the Good Eating section of the Chicago Tribune and Draft Magazine, being a monthly contributor for the now defunct Low-Carb Cooking, writing a book titled “Beer & Food: An American History,” and now working on a book about the history of beer for a London publishing house…and so, so, so much more?

Honest to God. It must not be who you know in Chicago, but who you blow (and on the North Side no less. God forbid anything happening on the South Side of Chicago where we all walk and drag our knuckles on the sidewalks at the same time. 

Absolute horseshit.


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