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Make Mine A Melamine!

Posted by Bob Skilnik on October 3, 2008

Europe’s going through another melamine scare, this time in bakery goods, Lotte Koala biscuits. Two weeks ago it was Cadbury Chocolates made and sold in Europe. Before that it was baby formula. Before that it was dog food.

The chemical melamine appears to be a cheap way of working around required protein content in foods. Add some, save on the use of the higher cost of protein additives, make a buck, sit back and watch people and pets die.

It’s amazing…and it’s coming from China.

Now I’ve consumed my fair share of Tsingtao beer, a venerable Chinese brew and the number one branded consumer product exported from China. It’s been in the States since 1972.

But no longer. There’s plenty of beers out there to choose from. In my opinion, why take a chance? I’ve thrown out every food product made in China; I won’t buy fish or shrimp from China. I carefully check all my dogs’ foods and treats. If they say “Distributed in the U.S. by the XYZ Company,” I look a little further to see where it was made. More often than not, dog treats, and even toys, are made in China.

Do what you want, but don’t make mine A Melamine.


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