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Local Author Talks To CBS News About Low-Cal Beers

Posted by Bob Skilnik on April 12, 2010

I received an unexpected call from a very pleasant Kristyn Hartman at WBBM Chicago to pontificate about low-calorie/carbohydrate beers while also getting in a plug for “Does My Butt Look Big In This Beer? Nutritional Values Of 2,000 Worldwide Beers” and BEER: A History of Brewing in Chicago” (BRAND SPANKING NEW, $14.99 and signed by me, with orders fulfilled and shipped by Amazon —Seller name:—toddlintown—since I’m getting lazier as the days go bye and busy with my first granddaughter Norah).

Check out the story and then take a look at the video on the right side of the page.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…There’s enough interests in the viewers/listeners of the Chicagoland area for a regularly scheduled look at beer, the brewing industry and beer info in general. A producer/director at WTTW brought it up once to me after an appearance on Chicago Tonight, but nothing happened. The Chicago Tribune stated emphatically that a poll they took sometime ago indicated that readers wanted updates on wine but not beer.

The funny thing with a statement like this, however, is the response that I receive after local radio, TV or print exposure when I’m asked to discuss any aspect of beer or brewing; in this latest example, the CBS 2 Chicago video stayed in the 1st place (most viewed) position for a little over 32 hours. It was a nice, well-edited and light-hearted two minute look at a product that vastly overwhelms wine in national sales and interests.

I also like wine, but I still can’t get over the media feedback that I’ve received over the last decade that repeatedly “indicates” more viewer/listener/readership in wine versus beer. Is it just me that feels that there’s a media bias against beer? Is beer or brewery industry news assumed to be too unsophisticated to be reported on as a regular feature and instead beer-themed story skimmed off the slush pile of topics to be used as filler when “news” is a little slow?


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