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Nutritional Info For Knappstein Reserve Lager (AU)

Posted by Bob Skilnik on September 29, 2008

Knappstein Reserve Lager     12 oz         15.27 carbs       174 calories      05.60 abv   


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‘Insensitive’ Beer Ad Featuring Barbecued Stag Scrapped

Posted by Bob Skilnik on September 29, 2008

Lion Nathan has been forced to scrap a series of TV commercials to launch a “green” beer after it emerged that a deer had been killed so it could be filmed on a barbecue for final scenes in the ads. After an internal investigation the brewery company found that its production company, Goodoil, had failed to “source the deer appropriately”, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Ironically, a stag is the brand logo of Lion’s bestselling beer, Toohey’s New. The production crew filming in the South Island two weeks ago decided it would be easier and cheaper to select a beast for slaughter at a local deer farm, rather than commission a model or a computer-generated image.

“Lion Nathan is absolutely committed to the ethical treatment of animals, and despite the considerable costs involved in making the advertisement, we don’t intend to air it.” it said in a statement.

Now pass me another beer.

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