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Wild Blue Nutritional Info

Posted by Bob Skilnik on May 13, 2008

A-B's Wild Blue

12 ounce serving, Wild Blue Lager has 260 calories, 26.2 grams of carbohydrates, and is 8% alcohol by volume.

More About Wild Blue Lager Here

Nutritional Info for Spirited Beverages: What the Drink Industry, the U.S. Federal Government, and Special Interest Groups Won’t Tell You


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Nutritional Info For Old Milwaukee, Old Style, Olympia

Posted by Bob Skilnik on March 4, 2008

Old Milwaukee 12 oz   12.90g carbs   146 calories  4.9% abv

Old Milwaukee Light 12 oz   8.30g carbs   119 calories  3.8% abv

Old Style 12 oz   12.00g carbs   143 calories  4.7% abv

Old Style Light 12 oz   7.0g carbs   113 calories  4.2% abv

Olympia 12 oz   11.90g carbs   146 calories  4.7% abv

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Nutritional Info For More Goose Island Products

Posted by Bob Skilnik on January 6, 2008

beerdietpyramidgood.gif  Honker’s Ale  
  12 oz   16.50 g carbs   154 calories   4.5% abv

  India Pale Ale  
  12 oz   21.50 g carbs   206 calories   5.9% abv


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Drink Beer To Increase Muscle Tone?

Posted by Bob Skilnik on August 4, 2007

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Does My BUTT Look BIG In This BEER?

— Bob Skilnik —

aka, The Low-Carb Bartender

Pick up a candy bar, a bag of potato chips, or even your kid’s favorite sugar-coated breakfast cereal and you can refer to a Nutrition Facts label that gives you the kind of nutritional information that you, the consumer, deserves to know.

But pick up a bottle of your favorite beer, and unless it’s a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate brew with a federally-required Nutrition Facts label emblazoned on it, you have no idea what, if any, nutritional components are in your favorite stout, porter, bock, wheat beer or even a simple American-style pilsner beer.

But no longer. Whether you’re counting calories, carbs or even Weight Watchers® Points®, here’s the nutritional information for over 1,500 worldwide beers that you can enjoy in moderation!

Moderation, not deprivation

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