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Muntons Malted Ingredients Opens Office In U.S.

Posted by Bob Skilnik on December 11, 2008

Around the mid-1990s, I put away my trusty stainless steel brew pot. Chicago had become a market that almost every known brewery was fighting over, shelves and coolers crammed with s-o-o many national and worldwide beers. Walking into Binny's or Sam's became, for me, the adult version of a kid in a candy store. It became so much easier to buy a sixer of styles I had been recreating in my basement than grinding malt, mashing, sparging, making sure my yeast strter was ready, etc. Being prideful of my ability to spot trends in brewing, including homebrewing, I pronounced homebrewing as dead or a least on life-support.

How many calories? How many carbs?
How many calories? How many carbs?

Boy was I wrong! The hobby is bigger than ever and even I am looking at starting my basement brewing career all over again, this time spending big bucks and buying, in essence, a complete stainless everything pilot brewery. Even Muntons has decided that the malt market is growing more than ever, including not only for homebrewing and the craft beer industry, but even as an additive in the food market. As a result, they've decided to open their first office in the U.S. to further develop their market here. The company has distributors who stock and distribute locally in the US into various market sectors, with sales based in Seattle, Washington and are even holding thoughts of starting a production facility here too at a later date.



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